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Superintendent: Kristie Baumgartner

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FY2021 Original Budget

FY2020 Annual Statement of Affairs

FY2019 Annual Statement of Affairs

FY2020 Contracts over $25,000

FY2020 Annual Financial Report

FY2020 Audit Report

FY2020 Administrator and Teacher Compensation Report

IMRF Salary Posting (2019-2020)

FY2020 Amended Budget

FY2020 Original Budget

FY2019 Annual Financial Report

FY2019 Audit Report

FY2019 Administrator and Teacher Compensation Report

FY2019 Contracts over 25,000

FY2019 Amended Budget

FY2018 Annual Financial Report

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FY2018 Amended Budget

FY2019 Original Budget

FY2018 Original Budget

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FY2017 Administrator and Teacher Compensation Report

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FY2017 Amended Budget 

FY2017 Annual Financial Report

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FY2016 Annual Financial Report

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FY2016 Administrator and Teacher Compensation Report

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FY2015 Amended Budget

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FY2013 Annual Financial Report

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FY2013 Amended Budget

FY2012 Amended Budget

Contracts over $25,000

2017 Food Service Bid Documents

2017 Food Service Bid


Addendum 1 - 3/31/17

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